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Social Networking Made Me Dumb March 2, 2009

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In this very interesting and entertaining segment(British sarcasm makes for great debates), Dr. Ben Goldacre, columnist for the Guardian debates the notion that engaging in social networks and tools like Twitter presents a clear danger to the brain, if even to small children. Apparently, the English ‘Daily Mail’ reported that social networking was harmful, sparking a debate over the pond.


It is true that an excessive amount of time spent on a computer will have clear physical effects and possible social inadequacy, but so would any activity that limits face-to-face interaction and physical movement.

As a true child of the digital age, I started using social networks and tools in the form of instant messengers that allowed profile search (ICQ anyone?). I can’t say that it had a negative effect on my ability to interact, or even my intellectual capacity ( actually, 13 year-olds in PR would find it very normal to exchange a few photos with people we knew to be in the same social circle, and go out to the movies after talking to a while). If anything, social networks have enhanced the ability of technology to be inclusive and interactive, rather than isolationist and oppressive.

The social effects of digital networking in my generation are quite positive, as it makes us more keen on sharing and participation in a community. With so many problems that require both local and international cooperation, the spirit of our age -as defined by digital social networking -seems right for the challenges ahead.

[Via Bad Science]