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The fan spins harder and faster online March 19, 2010

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This ongoing event regarding Nestle’s Facebook page is an interesting example of the main problem  brands face online: giving control of the brand image, message and other assets to the consumer.

Basically, Nestle warned fans of their Facebook page that if they had an altered version of the company’s logo as a profile pic their comments would be deleted.  A possibly valid point , were it not for the sarcastic and aggressive reaction to user protests by the brand.  This situation offers two very important points for brands and marketers:

1)      If you built it, they will come, and make it their own: The internet and most things in this age of ‘remix’ are all about personal appropriation, mixing, and sharing. Even if you created the Facebook page, the internet is, for all effects, free. Censorship doesn’t work here. If the customer personalized the brand’s assets in a positive way, appreciate it as proof of a personal connection. If you feel the brand is being affected, politely notify your audience. Which goes to the next point…

2)      Don’t fight your customers: the brand will always be Goliath and the consumer David, which kind of sets the stage for the brand losing most, if not all, of public battles. Don’t go on the offensive with sarcasm (much less if you are a brand associated with, among other things, candy and baby food). Brands are expected to behave like anybody else on the internet – that is, they are expected to share and interact positively according to what positive is for the community they belong to.

The fan spins harder and faster online…


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